Every young Black man deserves the opportunity and resources needed to grow holistically, intellectually, physically, and emotionally. Project Pneuma is a non-profit organization based out of Baltimore, MD that strives to teach young men the art of forgiveness, self-control, and discipline. Damion Cooper and the Project Pneuma organization have touched the lives of 1,000 Baltimore city boys, while partnering with over 20 public schools in the area. Project Pneuma participants engage in social-emotional learning, academic enrichment/tutoring, breathing new life training, public speaking, art integration, yoga/mindfulness, and physical fitness activities.

Challenge: PMG was tasked with creating an all-inclusive communications and digital marketing strategy for Project Pneuma. The overall goal was to create an impactful brand story that would resonate with prospective children, parents, and funders.

Our Solution: Over the past two years, PMG has developed brand photography, filmography, web development, digital marketing, and ongoing content management to elevate Project Pneuma’s image and impact.