BMe Community

BMe Community leads the national movement to build Black L.O.V.E. without stigmatizing Black people. Developed by the organization’s founder, Trabian Shorters, asset-framing is the practice of defining people by their aspirations rather than their deficits. Over 400 of the nation’s top Black leaders are active in BMe’s flagship community that continuously builds knowledge, influence, and networks across the country.

Challenge:Establishing a cohesive, but interactive brand on social media is crucial to an organization’s brand awareness. The goal of this engagement was to enhance BMe’s brand identity on social media, while creating an informative hub of information on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Our Solution: PMG developed a content strategy that included content pillars, calls-to-actions, and hashtags. Each week, our team of strategists, designers, and copywriters deliver high-quality content for BMe Community to disseminate across all of their social media platforms.