8 Foolproof Tips for Setting Up Your Next Trade Show or Conference Booth

As a business owner, preparing for a conference or a trade show can be an exciting and overwhelming task.  We know that our first impressions matter when were meeting potential clients, and we want our brand to stand out among the other hundreds (or maybe thousands) that are also attending.

Careful planning and research can go a long ways towards ensuring a successful showing at your next trade show or conference. This blog post will highlight some of best ideas for making your brand stand out in a spectacular way at your next show.

No. 1

Get the Look

Buyers are attracted to good-looking booths. You don’t have to spend a fortune to look your best. Use bright colors, and put effort into the design and visual appeal of your booth. Make your messaging clear from every direction as well as from near and far. Consider lighting and how to make it work to your advantage, and integrate it into your booth.

No. 2

Be Approachable

Maybe this goes without saying, but a warm smile, and a firm handshake go a long way. Train your employees to have their elevator pitch, or introductory speech ready. Build in shifts for your employees so they have back-up and help. Don’t just sell to people, but ask questions, and be human. Not a sales robot.

No. 3

Offer a Show Special

Highlight your specials so that buyers are incentivized to buy at the show. Make sure your special is posted and very clear. These limited-time offers are extremely helpful in boosting your sales.


No. 4

Use video or slideshows to draw attention

The name of this game, is to get as many eyeballs and visitors to your booth or table. The competition is high, but the opportunity is equally high to elevate your brand among your competition. Develop a video or slideshow presentation to display on TV monitors in your booth. You can often convey a lot more information to prospects through a looping video than through repeating your sales pitch over and over.


No. 5

Promote your whereabouts on Social Media

Sometimes you need to bring your own entourage with you! Harness the power of your social media following, by inviting your customers, fans and superfans to stop by and visit your both. Consider offering a giveaway or a special gift for those who come and mention your social media post. 

No. 6

The fastest way to their hearts, might be food!

We’re not above a little bribery, here. Attending a conference can be exhausting. It’s a lot of walking, a lot of talking, and a lot of thinking. Refresh your guests by offering free water, a or other goodie.

No. 7

Branded Giveaways

Everyone loves a freebie! Make sure you choose a relevant promotional product to your brand. The best combination is something that your prospects will use for a long period of time, even after the show is over.

No. 8

Gather names and emails

Incentivize visitors to give you their name and email with a special giveaway. Consider a post-show email that will offer your newly-expanded list another great way to take advantage of great savings by working with you.

To Sum Up...

Pulling off a successful trade show or conference takes a great deal of planning. At PMG, we want to make you look your best at your next conference or trade show. No matter the size of your business, or budget, we offer custom solutions for your unique needs. We offer excellent prices, and quick turnaround on promotional products, signs, banners, and conference signage and displays. Let us help you make the great first impression at your next show today! To learn more, contact us.

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